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ecological, economic and sustainable.

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In an era of scarcity, we believe that everyone must be able to regain their food autonomy and participate in a sustainable, resilient and environmentally friendly civilization.

The Agrikaïdo project makes sustainable farming techniques from agroecology and permaculture accessible to everyone: we help you to succeed quickly with your crops, and easily share your experiences with the community to learn together.


Guide screen


Each record documents the complete life cycle of a plant, from sowing to propagation.

Recommendations screen


Get the best plants associations for your crops.

Community screen


Rate plants associations and ask your questions to the community.

Plants screen


Prepare easily for the whole year: just pick your favorite plants and follow the steps.

Notifications screen


Get reminders and alerts tailored to your plots and crops.

Soil analysis

Know your soil to better cultivate it !

This reusable kit provides the tools to analyze your garden's soil:

  • user guide, soil texture triangle and ruler;
  • 80 strips of pH paper;
  • glass jar and its cork stopper;
  • glass test tube and its cork stopper;
  • 50mL of pH neutral water.

Zero-waste: every components of this kit are reusable, recyclable or compostable.

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Connected probe

Get even more accurate advice!

Go further with our solar probe, to obtain real-time advice according to the conditions of your plot:

  • Soil temperature and moisture;
  • Air temperature and humidity;
  • Luminous intensity (UV, visible, IR).
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Samuel supports Agrikaïdo

At a time when awareness of food issues is growing among the population, Agrikaïdo is an innovative project.

It combines information technology with a way of producing in the garden that is more attentive to the environment, and puts at hand the knowledge to become the gardener of tomorrow !


Professor of Life and Earth Sciences

Camille supports Agrikaïdo

I like to take care of my garden. But finding all the information I need for each plant is part of the fighter's journey! It is impossible to find good advice on planting, caring and pruning in the same place.

The idea of using a probe with temperature and humidity readings is great to know which plants are compatible with my environment, because choosing suitable plants is not easy!



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